I also write scripts


Everyone has a great idea for a movie …

... and I mean everyone.

A little girl named Ada leaves preschool with her friend Dorian the walrus and his sister Gloria. They meet a friendly, orange dragon named Dewey. After climbing onto the dragon's back they zoom off on a journey to the city where her mother and a special green cat called Siffy await so they can share some hot chocolate and banana bread. 

Ada - Age 3

Ada - Age 3

... everyone!

There's a hero, an inciting incident and a goal here. There is even a mentor or two. It's no stretch to imagine some of the things that might keep the hero from achieving her goal and no mum, no hot chocolate and no banana bread – these are big, fat stakes indeed.


And then what happens?

Writing scripts is even harder than starting a choc top with no teeth. If it wasn't, everyone would be doing it. You've got a great idea and you want it to be a great film. Although it isn't unusual to find a mediocre film made from a great script, the same can't be said of the reverse. 

That's where I come in. 

I've been writing feature scripts since I left film school fifteen years ago. Since taking the IF Award for best Unproduced Screenplay, my professional career includes an original horror/comedy, a novel adaptation (a drama) for a Sydney based producer and a draft of another (a thriller) in LA. Most recently, I've been working on an exciting comedy/drama project based on the vision of a talented director here in Sydney.

Clearly, I have diverse tastes when it comes to storytelling. I would very much like to hear your idea and offer my services in taking it forward regardless of the stage you're at – should it be an outline, a treatment or a draft you require.