Anthony Vercoe


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Let's make it clear from the outset: while the universe itself may be governed by hard and fast rules, I am not. Projects differ, as do situations and these variables render everything negotiable. I would much rather the project, not the price, be our first topic of conversation. 




Includes a comprehensive written report and a one-hour Skype conversation. 

Feature Scripts: (Max 120pages) $490.00 

Treatments: (Max 15 pages) $240.00 

Short Scripts (Max 10 pages) $150.00



Draft consultation:

$4000.00 (instalment plan available) 

Where others will give you some pointers then send you away to write your draft, I’m available for email and Skype conversations during the writing process: (up to 10 weeks)

Service includes: 

Brainstorming: You’ve got an idea. Let’s explore it. What else can we bring to the table? 

Character Development: Your characters are all but worthless if the audience doesn’t feel for them.   

Plot and Story Structure: A script has up to 110 pages, use them wisely. We’ll explore the beats. (More than 110 pages? See scenes and sequences).    

Scenes and Sequences: Break it down. What does the scene bring to the big picture? Does it set up for a payoff later, or is it just there because it’s cool? Consider slashing and burning. 

Formatting and Proofreading:  Make your project look like it was written by a pro. English is the tool of your trade. Would you trust a carpenter who didn't know which end of the hammer to hold? 

Work Load: Overwhelmed with all that needs to be addressed? I'll help you prioritise.  

Questions: Got a problem? Drop me a line anytime. If I can't speak to you there and then, I'll certainly get back to you within a couple of days. 

Most importantly, get it on the page! I won’t be exactly cracking a whip but I promise you I will be encouraging. Your script is not a script if it’s a bunch of ideas swirling around inside your head.


Photo by Erik Johansson