Here are some of the several projects I’m involved with at the moment…

Clown Noir

Designed by  Margaret M MacDonald

In a universe where carnival folk are the most despised of ethnicities, Mac Veneer, a down on his luck writer, hitchhikes across the country in a desperate attempt to defy his ex-wife, and a restraining order, to get to his eight-year-old daughter. Along the way, he is picked up by a Kingsleigh the Clown. When Kingsleigh dies of natural causes, Veneer discovers a large sum of money in the boot of Kingsleigh’s car. Veneer decides to assume the identity of the clown. Veneer doesn’t realise, however, that carnival folk are a tight knit group and one does not simply don some face paint and call themselves a clown.

The Tribune

In this world of digital news and real-time knowledge, Adelaide bizarrely decides to leave her high-profile life as an inner city dwelling journalist in favour of running an old-school, small town newspaper. When the town is literally isolated by a natural disaster, a mysterious ship wreck marks the start of a spate of murders, rendering Adelaide’s newspaper the go to place for the hottest story in the country. Adelaide’s decision certainly seems to have paid off — right up until she becomes the number one suspect.

Jena the Bird Whisperer
a novel


An adventure, fantasy, comedy romp about a timid, young girl, Jena, who has powers connecting her to nature, and render her a member of an elite, supernatural group. These guys are entrusted with maintaining balance between the inherent destructiveness of mankind and the delicate tolerance of the natural world. Once she learns of her place in the scheme of things, Jena must overcome her fears and go into battle against shapeshifting baddies who have taken over political leaders in order to coerce them into screwing up the environment and destroying all life on Earth.