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Here are some of the several projects I'm involved with at the moment ...


... they're at various stages of the process but they all have at least a draft to take a look at. I've also included a few excerpts. 



Photoplay Films

Oliver Lawrance - Producer

Tony Rogers – Director

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During a trip to the sunburnt heart of Australia, Gareth, a hapless foreigner, gets more than he bargained for when he wakes up in a smashed caravan with deep wounds in his shoulder and a dead woman in his bed. Now on the run in a country he doesn’t understand for a murder he didn’t commit, Gareth soon learns the deadly ancient curse of the weredingo surges through his veins like fire ants up a trouser leg. If he is to survive long enough to get to the cure, Gareth must accept the help of a tribe of indigenous monster hunters – guardians of the land for millennia – as he fights to stay one step ahead of the law, the monsters and the full, ochre moon. 

Three Moon Hunt - Excerpt 1

Three Moon Hunt - Excerpt 2


Illustration by Ola Schubert

Illustration by Ola Schubert

L'anguille - The Eel

(My baby) 

1919 Europe was licking its wounds after the horror of the Great War. Six-year old Monique is rescued from the overflowing orphanages of Paris and brought to live on a farm owned by the kind Jean-Luc and Isabelle Bernard. Not alone in her need for rescue, a juvenile eel is saved from certain death and given a home in the farm’s well. He becomes Monique’s unlikely confidant. Fifty years of the lives of Monique and the eel are paralleled and intertwined as together they learn love, loss, fear and regret.  


Photo by Erik Johansson