I suppose there is a nice symmetry to pursuing acting roles, after all that's where it all started way back in a snow covered field in Sweden playing an alien in a conversation with Santa Clause after a midair collision.

Last year, I was offered a couple of small parts, with more than a little help from my lovely agent, Wayne, at Middleman, and found that I am as comfortable in front of the camera as I am hammering away at the keyboard. In fact, I have confirmed what I long suspected, acting gives me valuable insight into writing for actors.  

I look forward to seeing where the symbiosis of the two roles will take me. 


I didn’t know who I’d be playing that first day, but I was pleased when I turned up on set and the director exclaimed, “You’re perfect!”

So who’s the character? asked me.

“You’re Carl, a broken-down drunk guy.”

Well… thanks a lot.

Life Of The Party.


Playing a mercenary for a Michael Samer production.

Playing a mercenary for a Michael Samer production.


Yep, I’ve been a hipster more than once or twice. Can’t see why myself.



And a biker in Summer Bay and… well… whatever the hell is going on with the kilt.