Assessment & Consultation

Script Assessment

You’ve read the books, attended the workshops and seminars and studied all of your favourite scripts. You showed your friends and your mum your hard work and they assure you that you have real talent. Are they a good source of unbiased feedback? Probably not.

There are a bunch of assessment services out there, so how do you choose who to go for? In my experience, many assessors take their sweet time in getting back to you with a page or two of soul crushing criticisms leaving you dejected with more questions than answers. This is not to say that pointing out what's wrong with a script isn't important, but I believe encouragement is as important as criticism.

I offer a comprehensive report covering all aspects, good and not so good, of your project as well as a friendly conversation. There is nothing more rewarding than completing a screenplay, and I genuinely want you succeed. 

Script Consultation

Give me a call  to discuss your project.