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I was digging through some old uni assignments and what not the other day and found this, my first assignment on blogging.

Two films I love to hate …

… or more accurately: Two films that have duped audiences into thinking they are good and I love to soapbox about why they are not. It should be added here that these are two movies that really did want to like. I even tried to turn a blind eye to their shortcomings. Unfortunately, it appears I have no blind eye and my fully 20-20 sighted eye could not be dragged away in much the same way as one is compelled to gawk ghoulishly at a car wreck.


James Cameron’s multi-besquillion dollar behemoth was one of the most anticipated films in the history of film and the fanboys and girls flocked like locusts to a field of biblical Egyptian wheat. No real surprise here. The real surprise is that they came away from the viewing thinking that what they had just seen was a good film. They were wrong. They had witnessed a mediocre roller coaster ride at best – with pretty colours. Maybe it stood a chance if the story had resembled something original. Sorry Mister Cameron, Disney got there first with Pocahontas.   

Slumdog Millionaire

Oh, so many were fooled by this one. “A hard hitting, gut wrenching story about the hardships street children must endure in the slums of India.” If you thought this, you thought wrong. Slumdog Millionaire is about a chromosome off being a romantic comedy. “What!” I hear bellowed from the indignant masses. “Were you watching the same movie?” Yes, but I was paying attention. Boy meets girl, boy and girl have zany adventures, boy loses girl, boy finds way to get girl back in a wacky way, boy almost loses girl forever, and boy gets girl in the end. Romantic comedy!  



Yep ... I stand by this. 


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