New digs

There’s usually a cat dancing on the keyboard. 

There’s usually a cat dancing on the keyboard. 

I was in LA a few months ago for the first time, shamelessly trying to promote myself as someone who knew what they were doing. I do, you know. Anyway, when I got back to Sydney, I was understandably more than a little surprised that my darling wife had found us a new place to call home. I’m glad she waited until I got back before she moved. So here we are in Cammeray and this is my new little office. 

For those of you who don’t know Cammeray, it’s a suburb only about 5km from the city. There are busy roads and tonnes of buses. But that’s out the front. Out the back, the yard disappears into thick bush. We are often visited by brush turkeys and water dragons. 

My wife did good. 

So, why was I in America? I’ve been helping out in adapting a book for screen for a California based writer. There has been some interest and I’m flattered to say the author wants me to write the script based on my treatment. So off to America to try to convince folk that I’m worth the investment. The trip to LA was an experience, hard to say whether it was a good one, but it was absolutely worthwhile. I was warmly received and, more importantly, so were my writing samples. They love the book, they love the author, they liked me… they did not love the treatment. 

So back to the drawing board. The important thing to remember here – it’s not personal. So, I redid the thing and got it away again. I love the fact we live in a digital age. I’ve got meetings coming up next week in Beverly Hills, California… from my little office in Cammeray. 

By the way, while we’re on the subject, I’d been working with the author for over twelve months before I met her in person. It occurred to me when we finally met that I had had long, long conversations with her and consider her a friend, but having only ever seen her in a monitor, I didn’t know how tall she was. 




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