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Tony the thespian…

I have acted before. I was once cast as ‘grumpy man’. Another time I was in a dance piece — ballet to be specific… Yeah, I know. Shut up. In that one I was cast as ‘grumpy drill sergeant’. Hmm… 

Anyhow, Margaret’s very cool project, #1 at the Apocalypse Box Office, is rolling along nicely with all the major roles filled (and my goodness there’s a swag of them). Margaret has even seen fit to give me a break from my script duties to show off my acting prowess in a small (but vital… no, not really) role.  

I don’t even have to be grumpy, just good.

Shame. I’m good at being grumpy. It remains to be seen if I’m good at being good.  

Photo by Erik Johansson